The Leopard Gecko in Captivity

The Leopard Gecko In Captivity. In a relatively short span of fifteen years, the Leopard Gecko has become one of the top reptiles pets. They are docile, hardy and reach an adult size that is becoming to most reptile keepers. Their harmless behavior and seemingly pleasant "smile" have made them attractive to a wide variety of keepers from the novice to the advanced specialist.

The Leopard Geckos in Captivity will be helpful for those interested in pursuing the Leopard Gecko as their chosen reptile pet. Keepers will find them interesting, easy to care for, and an exciting pet that will enhance a keeper's interest in the world of reptiles.

Comprehensive book covering the natural history, anatomy, selection, housing, and feeding of leopard geckos. Includes detailed information on all aspects of leopard gecko reproduction. Completely illustrated with many color photos.

Size: 105 pages

The Leopard Gecko in Captivity