Lugarti Premium Isopod & Millipede Substrate

Lugarti Premium Isopod & Millipede Substrate

Lugarti’s Premium Millipede & Isopod Substrate is a special blend of sphagnum peat moss, organic compost, oak leaf litter, milled sphagnum moss, aged wood, extremely fine sand and clay. It is specifically formulated to maintain proper burrowing conditions, provide a high nutritional value and can be used as the primary source of food.

Adding lightweight bark, branches and leaf litter on top of the substrate is highly recommended as they provide added security, more climbing surfaces, and extra beneficial food sources.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Pour the substrate into a suitable enclosure, providing an appropriate depth for the species you’re working with. Generally, the deeper the better, as it will hold humidity well and last much longer. It’s extremely important to never allow the substrate to ever dry out. Add more substrate when it gets low and completely replace when you begin to see lots of frass on the surface. Be careful not to disturb anybody molting and save the old substrate for a couple months to ensure you don’t throw away any eggs. Always remove any uneaten, added food items within 24 hours to avoid attracting unwanted pests.

Size: 8 quarts

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