Zoo Med Large ReptiBreeze Iguanarium

"Open air" environment provides essential ventilation, as well as allowing for penetration of beneficial UVB and UVA rays during outdoor sunning! PVC plastic-coated aluminum helps prevent injuries associated with nose rubbing, skittishness and stress, as well as foot injuries in chameleons and other climbing reptiles. Comes with removable basking shelf and several latched doors with quality latches for a secure fit. Easy to clean, removable, galvanized steel base tray and casters for easy rolling and movement. If you take your reptile outside for natural sunlight exposure, be sure to place cage in an area out of direct sunlight, or provide adequate shaded spots and monitor your reptile at all times to prevent accidents due to heat exhaustion. Electrical fixtures can be placed directly on top of cage for heating and artificial UVB. This cage is shipped flat, some minor assembly required. (Panels screw together).

Size: 36 x 18 x 48"

Note: *Shipping and handling is a Flat Rate of $89.95 per cage

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