V332 Vision cage

This model allows for a heating pad, and 1 mini heat lamp. (and optional extra vent for a fluorescent light)

  • Designed and manufactured by reptile enthusiasts.
  • We (LLLReptile) use and display our animals in Vision Cages.
  • Stackable - No racks or shelving required.
  • Molded one piece construction from durable high density impact resistant polyethylene.
  • Exclusive granite finish.
  • Lockable polished glass doors (lock not included).
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the US.
  • Lightweight and affordable.
  • Easy to clean - Completely chemical resistant.
  • Easy to light - Molded to allow easy light attachment.
  • Easy to heat - Most models have a heat/lamp shroud built directly in.
  • Always wash any new terrarium before using the first time. Vision Cages are currently taking 10 - 15 WEEKS to arrive. Sorry - the manufacturer is just extremely slow. No way around the wait time
  • This model does NOT include the extra vent for the fluorescent light. If you want that option, choose the other 332 with extra vent listed on our website

This cage has a flat rate shipping of $69.95 due to its size/weight

Size: 36" W x 28" D x 18" H

Note: If you are looking to purchase large quantities (over $5000 only), call for pricing. Shipping for this model vision cage takes up to 6 weeks for delivery.

V332 Vision cage