Reptile Medications, Mite Sprays & Cleaners

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Reptile Spray 8oz

Size: 8 oz

Kills mites on contact! Also effective on ticks. This spray is the easiest way to rid your snake or lizard of external parasites.

Provent A Mite and Reptile Spray 8oz Combo

Size: 6oz provent a mite, 8oz reptile spray

Ultimate mite protection! Provent a mite for your cage, and reptile relief for your animal! (6oz provent a mite, 8oz reptile spray)

Provent A Mite and Reptile Spray 1 Gallon Breeder Pack

This package comes with 3 cans of Provent a Mite and 1 Gallon of Reptile Spray. Ideal for stores and breeders to keep on hand, and keep mites away!

Zoo Med 8.75 ounce Repti Safe water conditioner

Size: 8.75 ounces

Removes cloramines, chlorine, and toxic ammonia. Detoxifies nitrates. Helps in hydrating new animals!

Nature Zone Turtle Shell Saver

Size: 2oz

Moisturizer and conditioner for shell. Protein-rich moisturizer and conditioner for turtle and tortoise shells. Improves shell strength and healing. Quickly makes the shell strength more resiliant and less prone to shipping or cracking.