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Zoo Med Large ReptiBreeze Iguanarium

$249.99 each

PVC plastic-coated aluminum helps prevent injuries associated with nose rubbing, skittishness and stress, as well as foot injuries in chameleons and other climbing reptiles.

Zoo Med Double Door 40 Gallon Terrarium

$249.99 each

40 Gallon dual door terrarium with Stainless Steel screen top (won’t rust), Front and Top Ventilation Snap closures with lockable doors. Proudly Made in the U.S.A. LOCAL PICKUP IN-STORE ONLY

Zoo Med Repti Habitat Aquatic Turtle Kit 40 Gallon

$229.99 each

*IN STORE PICK UP ONLY* Ideal kit for aquatic turtles including terrarium, water conditioner, book, turtle dock, lighting, heat and more!

Zoo Med Repti Habitat Snake Kit 40 Gallon

$209.99 each

*IN STORE PICK UP ONLY* Ideal snake starter kit that includes terrarium, bedding, heat pad, heat lamp, hiding spot, decor and more!

Zoo Med Repti Sun LED / UVB Fixture 48"

$219.99 each

Zoo Med's ReptiSun LED UVB Terrarium Hood combines energy efficient, brilliant LED lighting with our trusted ReptiSun® UVB Lamp. In addition to the 6500K LEDs, Red plant growth LEDs, & Blue Lunar LEDs, this hood houses a High Output T5 ReptiSun UVB Lamp


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