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Zoo Med Paludarium Habitat Kit

$189.99 each

Includes the paludarium, 10 gallon filter, dual deep dome lamp, 5.0 compact UVB bulb, Nano LED 5wt, sphagnum moss, wood decor, paludarium platform, eco earth brick.

Zoo Med Skyscraper Terrarium (local pickup only)

$159.99 each

**Ideal option for someone wanting a taller naturalistic terrarium! * IN STORE PICK UP ONLY FOR THIS SIZE. WE DO NOT SHIP THIS CAGE *

$159.99 each

US Made. Dual Rust Resistant Screen top. Snap closures, lockable doors. Increased ventilation with Front / Top Ventilation points

Zoo Med Large Paludarium 18 x 18 x 36 inch (local pickup only)

$174.99 each

Part land and part water. The possibilities are endless. The large Paludarium has a 10 gallon water area at the bottom. The upper 2/3 area can be built by you in a variety of ways! Plants and accessories are __NOT included__


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