Probugs Mealworms

Probugs Mealworms

Eco-Fresh Mealworms - Tenebrio molitor is also a darkling beetle and the larvae are known as mealworms. Mealworms come in various sizes. They are rich in vitamins A and B which are essential for proper growth, nutrition, and nervous system maintenance. High in protein and low in fat which are able to boost the immune system.

Convenient serving size Vacuum sealed to preserve moisture and flavor As nutritious as live foods Organically farmed raised-all natural without preservatives Sealed, each pouch has an 18 month shelf life at room temperature. Opened, each pouch is good for 5 days in the refrigerator

Ingredients Mealworms, water

Guaranteed Analysis Protein (min) 19.0% Fat (min) 10.0% Fiber (max) 6.0% Moisture (max) 65.0% Phosphorus (min) 0.3% Calcium (min) 0.1%

Size: 20 grams per pack

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