HR13 Custom Reptile Cage (48"H X 48"L X 24"D)

These beautiful 48"H x 48"L x 24"D reptile enclosures are the perfect size for bearded dragons, green tree pythons, smaller monitors, frilled dragons, chameleons and many other lizards and snakes! Your herp will be living in style in one of these custom reptile cages! Hoods and stands (as shown and included in Ultimate Packages, not the basic package) finish any large reptile cages, making your cage the centerpiece of the room! Hoods also allow lighting to be on top of the terrarium, instead of inside, protecting your reptiles from light fixtures and heating elements. Stands also allow you to elevate your custom cage to eye level, and provide valuable storage room for all your herp supplies. Thermofused laminate panels are easily replaced if anything ever happens instead of having to purchase an entire new terrarium. Offered in 4 wood grains and 2 granite colors. Durable, sanitary surface similar to a kitchen counter top. Easy to clean! Beautify your reptile room with one of our custom cages and let your herp live in style!

Package Options

Basic Package (included) Package includes: * 1 1/2" Aluminum Frame * Acrylic Front Doors/Sides * 3/8" Laminate Back/Floor Panels/Top * Secure Locking System

Deluxe Package Package includes all basic package features PLUS: * 2 Black Dome Fixtures * 2 13" x 13" x 1" opg. SS Wire Inserts * 2 Wire X Guards * 1 150W Heat Emitters * 1 150W Halogen Spot Lamp * 1 24” Full Spectrum Combos * 1 1000wt Thermostat w/Probe * 4 3” Vents/Cord Hole Grommets * 4 Heavy Duty Caster wheels * 1 Power Center Day-Night Timer

Complete Package Package includes all basic and deluxe package features PLUS: * 2 Replica Rock Shelves * 1 Replica Basking Ledges * 1 Y Shaped Replica Logs * 1 Straight Replica Logs * 1 Replica Rock Base * 2 Medium Food / Water Dishes * 2 Assorted Plants * 2 Assorted Vines * 2 Bags of Reptile Bark

Ultimate Package Package includes all basic, deluxe and complete package features PLUS: * Background image (note in the comments box during checkout if you want more of a desert or tropical option) * 12”H x 48”L x 24”D Hood (as shown in the premium package image) * 18”H x 48”L x 24”D Stand (as shown in the premium package image). Great for storage! * Top panel substitution from 3/8” laminate to perforated aluminum (very durable) * Subtraction of Stainless Steel Wire Inserts

FLAT RATE SHIPPING OF $189.95 APPLIES TO THIS CAGE. THE CAGE DOES TAKE AN AVERAGE OF 4 TO 6 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AND IS SHIPPED FLAT. Assembly is required, but is fairly easy with very clear instructions

Size: 48"H X 48"L X 24"D

HR13 Custom Reptile Cage (48"H X 48"L X 24"D)