Isopod Culture shipped w/ live reptile

This is 1 isopod culture shipped WITH any live reptile order. We can fit TWO in a box with your new frogs, lizards or any live reptile, NOT other feeders.

If you order only this culture with no reptiles, it will not be shipped out.

  • You CAN mix and match two feeder containers with a live reptile order. Meaning - you can get 1 Isopod culture AND 1 Rice Flour beetle culture. Or - you can get 50 waxworms and 1 Fruit Fly Culture. But it is a total of two per box.

Size: 12 ounce container (contains about 10 - 15 isopods)

Species: Trichorhina tomentosa or Porcellionides pruinosus

Isopod Culture shipped w/ live reptile