Mazuri Herbivorous Reptile Diet 25 Pounds

MazuriĀ® Herbivorous Reptile LS Diet-Small is a high fiber diet designed for dry land herbivorous or omnivorous reptiles, such as iguana, uromastyx, small tortoises and omnivorous turtles (box turtles)

It may also be used as the plant-based portion of a diet for insect-eating reptiles like bearded dragons.

Features and Benefits High fiber level, grass hay based - Multiple fiber sources used. Less than 10% starch content. Extruded pellet form - Minimizes waste and creates a more natural feeding environment. Complete nutrition - No vitamin or mineral supplementation needed for omnivorous and herbivorous species. Contains yucca shidigera extract - Shown to reduce aerosol ammonia in animal facilities.* Added vitamin D - Supports proper bone development. Added flax seed - Rich source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. Contains live probiotics cultures - May support development of GI tract. Contains natural vitamin E, stabilized form of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Product Form: Extruded pellet: 3/32" diameter x 1/8" length.

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Size: 25 pounds

Mazuri Herbivorous Reptile Diet 25 Pounds