300 Frogs: A Visual Reference to Frogs and Toads from Around the World

300 Frogs: A Visual Reference to Frogs and Toads from Around the World

300 of the most abundant and familiar amphibians in nature.

From the Introduction: "A few acres of tropical forest in South America may contain as many as 60 species -- roughly the same number as in the whole of the United States."

This compact reference is a comprehensive visual resource with vibrant color photographs, expert text and detailed species profiles that describe the characteristics, habits, breeding, diet, habitat, distribution and conservation status of 300 of the world's frogs.

Full-page color photographs help identify species in the field, and data sidebars provide the latest knowledge and include genus, common and scientific names. For ease of identification, the extensive index lists frogs by both common and species names.

The authors include specific information on the order Anura, not a minor player in the natural world since it is the "canary in the mine" for our environment. Discovering and understanding such frogs and their necessary place in nature has never been more timely or important. 300 Frogs is a straightforward and authoritative introduction to these fascinating amphibians and an appealing, handy and useful resource for naturalists, amphibian enthusiasts and general readers.

Size: 528 pages

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