Amazing Insects: Images of Fascinating Creatures

Insects are the largest and most diverse group of animals, yet their world is often hidden. This spectacular book provides a rare and intimate view of the bizarre beauty of many overlooked creatures and their habitats.

Michael Chinery describes the natural science of insects -- their life cycles, camouflage and defense, predators and prey, and habitats. Over 250 spectacular color photographs, many taken in the wild by the author, use scanning electron micrograph (SEM) technology at super-magnifications and high speed to show in astonishing detail the fantastical shapes and remarkable lives of insects from around the world. Examples are:

The stalk-eyed insect, with branch-like eye "stems," each as long as its body and holding an eye at the tip An aphid in flight with its neon-orange eyes aglow The long, sickle-shaped jaws of a soldier army ant, used by some South American native groups to suture wounds The secret of one butterfly's beautiful colors as revealed in its cheese-grater wing scales The "laughing" face of a hornet. Amazing Insects is an outstanding reference, engrossing in its detail and remarkable in its wide coverage.

Size: 288 pages. Softback

Amazing Insects: Images of Fascinating Creatures