Sand, Gravel & Excavator

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Zoo Med 30 lb Midnight Black Repti Sand

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  • 3 for $43.99 ($14.66 each)

Size: 30 pounds

**This price INCLUDES shipping via priority mail in a "flat rate" box to save you money. This is billed as QUANTITY 3 of the 10 pound bags. Total of 30 pounds for $43.99 shipped

Zoo Med 20lb Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate

Size: 20 pounds

**PRICE INCLUDES THE SHIPPING.** 20 pounds is shipped via priority mail in a "flat rate" box saving quite a bit of money!

Aquarium gravel white

Size: 10 lbs.

Available in many vibrant colors, this aquarium gravel can be used in vivariums, aquariums, and as a substrate for frogs and other semi-aquatic reptiles and amphibians. Easy to clean and disinfect, and completely reusable.

Zoo Med Aqua Accents Radical Red Sand

Size: 1/2 pound

Zoo Med's Aqua Accents Decorative Aquarium Substrates are made from epoxy coated aquarium gravel/sand which is safe for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Excellent for fish bowls or nano tanks. Will not cloud water.

Exo Terra Sonoran Ocher Stone Desert 11 pounds

Size: 11 pounds

Create your own tunnels and burrows with this beautiful, natural option! Natural desert soil with no added dyes or chemicals. Ideal to create your own desert or savannah landscape! Allows you to create outcrops, tunnels and burrows.