Three-Toe Box Turtle

  • Common Group: TURTLES-BOX
  • Common Name: Three-Toe Box Turtle
  • Scientific Name: Terrapene carolina triunguis
  • Distribution: S.E. & Central U.S.A.
  • Size: 5 - 7"

Natural habitat

This common box turtle is mostly terrestrial and is found in moist forests habitats in meadows and pastures. Adults require access to outdoor enclosure when captive.


Docile and friendly, easy to handle. Winter hibernation is recommended when kept in captivity. Enclosure should be 3' x 2' x 2' in size for captivity.

Captive environment

Use full spectrum lighting 12-14 hours per day. Provide a basking area with access to a cooler zone. Provide an uncluttered enclosure with maximum floor space.


Maintain day temperature range between 78-88 degrees F. Maintain night temperature range between 70-75 degrees F. Use reptile heating pads under tank for 24-hour heat.


This species requires moderate to high levels of humidity.

Water requirements

Provide a large shallow bowl for drinking and soaking. Mist once per week.

Nutritional requirements

This omnivore eats slugs, snails and high grade dog or cat food. Eats small mammals such as pink baby mice. Also feeds on arthropods and other invertebrates. Likes dark greens (collard, mustard, turnip, dandelions). Feed beets, spinach, cabbage, and/or kale in small amounts.