LLLReptile & Supply carries over 2,000 reptile related products. Of all the products, and all the different brands, we use and recommend Zoo Med over any other! Zoo Med has a long standing reputation for making the highest quality reptile products available, and have proven it time and time again. Lighting, heat products, caging, decor, vitamins and almost anything else you can think of are available from Zoo Med and sold by us at LLLReptile!

Zoo Med Lighting

Zoo Med is the #1 producer of reptile lighting products worldwide, and are by far the most recommended bulbs by herpers, breeders and stores everywhere, including LLLReptile! Their ReptiSun 5.0 bulb is famous, and continues to be the best choice for UvB lighting needs.

The PowerSun bulb by Zoo Med is the #1 used mercury vapor bulb for a reason. It has the research to back it up! Zoo Med spends countless hours testing their bulbs to make sure the product they put out lasts longer and works the best. If you are looking for heat and UvB combined into one bulb - this is a great choice!

Zoo Med also produces compact fluorescent UV bulbs, daytime heat bulbs, night heat bulbs, ceramic bulbs, halogen bulbs and many more. You can find them all in the LLLReptile Supply Catalog!

Zoo Med Heat & Temp Control

Zoo Med has a huge selection of heating and temperature control products, and we carry them all here at LLL! Heat pads, heat cable, outdoor tortoise heat pads, thermometers, thermostats and tons more. Check out the heating section and the temperature control section for a complete list!

Zoo Med cages, vitamins & meds, food and tons more!

We carry hundreds of Zoo Med brand products, from fantastic diets for all sorts of herps to vitamins, medications, cage decor and so much more. If you can't find a specific Zoo Med product you are looking for - call us toll free at 888-54-Reptile. We are proud to offer the Zoo Med brand and use it ourselves. We hope you do the same!

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