LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Much thanks for the thorough customer service on a closed day guys!!! First and wont be last order from me!

    Brandon on 2015-02-15

    Just wanted to say I'm very happy with my rufous beaked snake. He was packed well and he was very warm when he arrived even tho I live in Michigan and it was like 20 degrees out so I was impressed. I looked around for about 2 months and in my opinion you guys are the best. U have snakes I haven't seen on other sites and snakes I've ordered from other sites arrived in bad condition. I've watched all your YouTube videos and I appreciate that u make those. Thank u and you guys are the absolute best and I'll never order elsewhere! I can tell you guys actually care about your reptiles and take great care unlike other places.

    Customer on 2015-02-05

    Thank you so much! The little Woma came to me as both happy and inquisitive, ready to explore its new home. Thanks again LLLReptile is the best around!

    Josh on 2015-02-03

    I have to say I really love the way y'all do your work. You can really tell you look out for the well being of the reptiles. I and others really appreciate it.

    Customer on 2015-02-01

    I bought a redtail boa last Tuesday from u guys. We named him Torque and he is awesome! This past Sunday was his first feeding. We fed him a crawler rat, just a tad bit smaller than a pup and he eat it no problem. It was live, I'm going to try and switch him to F/T next Sunday. Thank u guys so much for the little fellow, he's the bomb. I will send u pics of him in a year. Also, u have a life long customer. I will be ordering a ball python from you in a month or so. I have a friend that I talked into ordering two sunglows from u. He is ordering them in two weeks. Thanks a million!!

    D on 2015-01-27

    Hey just wanted to thank you guys for the terrific service. I received my Mexican fire leg today, happy and healthy.

    Josh on 2015-01-27

    Wanted to say that my northern pine got here safe and healthy! I love him so much! Thank you guys!:)

    Customer on 2015-01-20

    Hey LLL Reptile!! Just wanted to say "THANKS AND WOW!!!" My steppe runner arrived this morning and is simply beautiful, amazing color and so calm. Thank you so much for the great customer service that I received yesterday when placing my order. I am 10000000% sure to use yall again and recommend yall to all my reptile friends. Thanks again for a wonderful lizard.

    Tim on 2015-01-06

    Little turtle (now named Pokey) has arrived! He (she) seems healthy and plenty active already. Exploring his habitat at room temp, separate from our other turtle for now. Thank you!!

    Customer on 2014-12-29

    He has arrived and is very nice and calm and friendly! Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!

    Customer on 2014-12-15

    You guys have been so amazing! We fell in love with your store when we were on vacation two months ago and I couldn't think of a better place to buy a snake from. Your staff was amazing during our visit and Curtis has just been wonderful through email....You guys are all amazing and I can say with certainty that I will be a long term loyal customer!

    Hope on 2014-12-15

    Thank you so much for my beardie his perfect and healthy and everything I wanted. I'm definitely going to order again!

    A.S. on 2014-11-13

    I would like to let you know that I have safely received a male lemon blast and a female pastel this morning. Now they are settled in a cage. They are so pretty. I also would like to thank you for a $20 gift certificate. Hope I can use it soon with another order.

    Thank you so much!

    Katsu on 2014-11-10

    Hey! I received my new best friend this morning! He looks amazing and is super active! Thanks so much for such a great animal.

    Benjamin on 2014-10-13

    I ordered a baby nile monitor it arrived healthy and happy and on time . The employees were quick to answer all of my questions and to give me tips any time something came up they are extremely caring and educated with the animals they sell. I give them 2 thumbs up 5 stars and would recommend them to any one they also have a great selection of feeders and supplies to help you with any and all your needs thanks for all your help I will be ordering from you again very soon

    Donald G on 2014-10-07

    I placed an order last week for a light bulb and a dubia roach feeder bowl, it arrived yesturday. The packaging was great, everything was intact, nothing was broken and i even got complimentary turtle food, i don't have any turtles but i do appreciate the gesture, i will deffinately place more orders with you guys! Thank you, LLLReptile!

    Customer on 2014-10-01

    The tortoises have arrived and they are wonderful thank you very much it took just a couple of minutes out of the box and they're moving around

    Curt on 2014-09-22

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I received my Blizzard Leopard Gecko today, and he is perfect in every way. You guys have amazing customer service, great shipping, and quality animals. I will definitely be doing more business with you!

    Customer on 2014-09-11

    Wanted to let you know that everything arrived alive and well. The tree frog is adorable and the roaches are pretty darn cute 2!

    Debbie on 2014-09-10


    I needed a Reptarian mesh cage in a hurry. I am taking my 14 year old Bearded Dragon on a trailer trip and I want to make sure he is comfortable, safe, and prepared for sunlight. I could not find this item anywhere except LLLReptile and here is the special part. Instead of ordering online I called to find out how quickly I might receive it since my trip is only a few days away. Jessica took my order and reassured me that it would get there on time. She was so understanding and efficient. I know she took extra effort to make sure that happened and I received my order THE NEXT DAY!

    Another really cheerful person helped me identify Jessica and pass my “thank you” along. You obviously have a great staff and excellent customer service.

    Linda on 2014-09-09

    Hey guys I recieved my adult female surinam red tail from you this morning and just wanted to say I couldn't be happier with her. She's much cleaner than her pic let on and as friendly as can be. So thanks alot guys and I WILL be back in the future.

    Brandon on 2014-09-03

    Hello LllReptile, I would just like to thank you guys so much for my healthy, active bearded dragon! He already eats like a little pig! I would also like to thank jen for the helpful youtube videos she gives. I will be ordering from you in the future, and will recommend you. Thanks!

    Customer on 2014-08-24

    Hello again I received my package today 30 minutes early and I wanted to say thank you so much, I am very happy with my order! There was a cool pack as I requested and the snake is in very good health and I couldn't be happier with my order. I will be ordering from you guys again and I will be referring a lot of my buddies to you guys.

    Customer on 2014-08-07

    WOW I'm so amazed at how beautiful all of the snakes in the order look. This was my first time ever purchasing through internet and your customer service made the difference of an awesome experience. You have a great operation and look forward to doing business in the future.

    Thank you so much for your assistance and quality service

    Roger on 2014-07-30

    LLLreptile is by far the best in the business! I purchased the large female albino-tiger reticulated python yesterday and received her today, right on time and healthy&happy!! She is absolutely gorgeous and again blew away my expectations! The customer service I received was amazing. I wanted to give a big shout-out to Jake who helped me when I purchased her. He was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and even went out of his way to check to make sure the snake was still in stock and being packed up for delivery! Thanks a bunch, Jake! Anyways, you guys are my favorite in the business and I always look forward to doing business with you guys! Hopefully with this female retic, I'll be able to breed her with the male lavender albino retic I bought from you guys two weeks ago!!

    Matt S. on 2014-07-23