LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Placed my order on Sunday and received it the following Tuesday - Thank You! From the aquarium to the water dish I am impressed with the quality of the items ordered, the reasonable pricing, and speedy delivery. Whoever packed my order did a great job. I will certainly use your company again!

    Customer on 2015-07-28

    Package arrived early this morning at 9:20am, and my baby bearded dragon is as healthy as can be! He's very alert yet calm and friendly when held, and isn't missing a toe or tail tip! I fed some dubias and he ate like a beast! Thanks so much LLL, will definitely use you again!

    A. on 2015-07-22

    I ordered and received 500 crickets from LLLReptiles and to say I was pleased would be a drastic understatement. I have worked in the pet industry for 30 years and this was the cleanest ,healthiest shipment of crickets I have ever unpacked. Out of the 500 I found 6 dead. Thank you so much.

    Customer on 2015-07-21

    I have received my spider nice and healthy and on time by fedex. Nice touch of ice pack. Thank you very much for quality animal and service.

    Brian on 2015-07-20

    We would like to thank you for your prompt service. Our Jackson chameleon arrived early this morning and seems healthy and investigating his enclosure. we will definitely keep you in mind for any future needs

    Customer on 2015-07-09

    I just recently ordered a mack snow from you guys and got it today and wow. I am blown away by how gorgeous she is! And her tail has some plump to it so she seems well cared for. She also was very calm when I handled her out of her box and gave my hand a few discovery licks. She is getting used to her enclosure but I just want to thank you guys so much. I was nervous (understandably) about her condition upon arrival but now that is filled with happiness about her looks and size. I look forward to a lengthy amount of years with her. If anyone asks me in the future, I will definitely turn them your way.

    Customer on 2015-07-01

    Just received my supplies I ordered in a nice neat box!---you guys rock!---thank you for all that you do!---I am a happy customer!

    Customer on 2015-06-30

    Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know the lizards arrived safely on Friday and are doing well. They are all beautiful, fat and healthy, and chowing down like champs. They all settled in with no problems at all.

    Joanne on 2015-06-21

    Just wanted to thank you guys for my new Coastal Carpet Python. The person I spoke with on the phone was very friendly and helpful when I placed the order and I am extremely pleased with the snake I received today. She seems very alert, healthy and active, even after shipping and I am confident I won't have any issues at all. I ordered from you guys because of recommendations from friends and I will certainly do it again if I need anything else, and I would happy recommend you to others!

    Customer on 2015-06-11

    My new Mojave male is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much! He is active and an absolute sweetheart. I will definitely come back to you guys for my next snake.

    Customer on 2015-05-27

    Thank you guys! I just received the gecko and it is beautiful! I appreciate all of your help and making my little sister's graduation present a memorable one!

    Customer on 2015-05-20

    hi, I just purchased a fischer male from you guys, he arrived this morning. PERFECT!!! I am extremely impressed with his condition. he eats and drinks within the first 5 min in his new cage! he looks like CB!!! wow you guys are good! I knew I could trust you guys with my jacksons. I don't need to tell you guys how hard it is to keep any chameleons, based on what I see online and this fishcer chameleon, I am proud of you guys! please keep up the great work.

    ps more props to the company, I place a late order yesterday afternoon and asked for only young male, you guys actually rushed to process my order and shipped out the same day!! and I got my perfect young male which I requested. A+ service!!

    Lee on 2015-05-20

    Package arrived about 10-15 minutes ago. Everything looks great!!! Thanks for picking such amazing lizards for me!! The boys are gorgeous Thanks.

    Monica on 2015-04-21

    The turtles sent arrived in excellent condition they have both eaten several times in first week. This may be used as a promotion. Thanks very much!

    Customer on 2015-04-19

    Thank you so much! I purchased and received 3 pygmy leaf chameleons and 1 female carpet chameleon, along with a big box of supplies. I just wanted you to know that I could not imagine being happier with my purchase. The chams are all sosweet and friendly! They are so adorable, and I just want to thank you.

    Customer on 2015-04-14

    Just received my Peacock Day Gecko. She looks beautiful. Thank you.

    Customer on 2015-03-30

    The two snakes arrive at 2:30 pm and appear to be in fine shape. Thank you for your time and trouble.

    The snakes will be used in our educational program.

    I look forward to ordering more reptiles from you at a later date.

    Johnny on 2015-03-30

    Just recived my peach throat monitor and she is gorgeous ty so much

    Customer on 2015-03-19

    I placed an order for two subadult veiled chameleons and I wanted to tell you they are doing very well. The shipping was fast, included heating pads and the lizards themselves were wrapped up carefully. It took them around 20 minutes to come out of the bag and now they act like they own the place! Both are eating and drinking well.

    Customer on 2015-03-18

    I just got my pacman frog today. All I can say is thank you very very much, I'm more than satisfied with my frog! I'm definitely will be a repeat customer.

    Customer on 2015-03-12

    I just wanted to say that your customer service is outstanding! You have gained a customer for life! Thank you for the awesome and healthy boa constrictor! I cant wait to order my next animal from you!

    Ryan on 2015-03-02

    Thank you to everyone that makes the great customer service like fast replies, great packing of your snakes, and everything else in between! My first snake I just got from you guys is doing great, he arrived warmer than I thought due to the cold here right now. I was little hesitant having him shipped since he was first snake, but you made it a easy and great experience. I will definitely be ordering my Brazilian Rainbow Boa from you guys when I get his tank set-up!

    Customer on 2015-02-23

    My package arrived today and everything looks and is doing great. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and I definitely will be ordering from you in the future. Thank you.

    Customer on 2015-02-23

    You guys do an awesome job and I just wanted to let you know. My coworker had to help me order the tiger rat snake you just sold because of problems using my debit card and everything went perfectly. The snake is exactly as described and looks even nicer in person he arrived healthy and active even rattling his tail in the bag when I opened the box to warn me haha. Tanya and I both would like to thank you for your excellent service and prompt response when we had questions. Anyway job well done and I will be ordering from you in the future when I'm in the market.

    Charles on 2015-02-15

    Much thanks for the thorough customer service on a closed day guys!!! First and wont be last order from me!

    Brandon on 2015-02-15