Veiled Chameleon Package

Veiled Chameleon Package

1 Baby Veiled Chameleon, 18x18x36" Zoo Med Screen Cage, Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp, 100wt Zoo Med Powersun Bulb, 2 packs of 72" Vines, 1 Small Jungle Vine, Rep Cal Calcium, Spray Bottle, Chameleon Care Book, High Range Thermometer. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING

Your cage and supplies will ship first via UPS Ground. As soon as you receive your supplies and are ready for your chameleon shipment, give us a call, and we will schedule the overnight delivery of your animal with you then.

Size: 18 x 18 x 36" Screen Cage

Veiled Chameleon Package
Comes with

2x 72 Inch Vines

1x Baby Veiled Chameleons

1x Chameleons Book

1x Exo Terra Jungle Vine Small

1x Hand spray bottle

1x Rep Cal ultra fine calcium with D3

1x Zoo Med 100 watt Powersun UVB heat bulbs

1x Zoo Med high range thermometer

1x Zoo Med Large Repti Breeze Aluminum Screen Cage

1x Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Heat Fixture