Vision 332 Ultimate Lizard Package

Vision cages are one of the best ways to house and display your reptile! They are light weight, durable, stackable, easy to clean and look amazing!

Package Includes: Vision 332 Cage 1 Zoo Med 14" T5 High Output Terrarium Hood 1 Zoo Med Repti Sun 12" T5 5.0 High Output UVB Bulb 1 Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Heat Fixture 1 Zoo Med 75 watt basking bulb 1 Exo Terra Small Heat Pad 1 Zoo Med Digital Thermometer with probe 2 Bags of Cypress Mulch Bedding 16 Quarts 1 Zoo Med Repti Rock Large Corner Water Bowl 1 Zoo Med extra large Habba Hut 1 Rep Cal Ultra Fine Calcium With D3 Jar 1 Exo Terra Star Cactus INCLUDES All Shipping Charges!!

Size: 36" W x 28" D x 18" H Vision Cage

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