Lugarti Premium Leaf Litter - Magnolia

Lugarti Premium Leaf Litter - Magnolia

Leaf litter is the most natural substrate you can provide for your reptile as it allows you to closely replicate the ground cover typically found in a forest or rainforest environment. Not only does it provide important hiding spots for smaller animals, such as Dart Frogs, it also plays a vital role in bioactive setups. As leaf litter naturally breaks down, beneficial nutrients are added into the soil which feed live plants and microfauna, such as springtails and isopods, all which work in concert to keep your vivarium healthy.

Lugarti’s Premium Magnolia Leaves (Magnolia grandiflora) are collected by suspended nets so they never touch the ground. They are then gently rinsed with rain water (never washed) and air-dried. They are approximately 4” - 7” in length x 2" - 4” wide, making them perfect for many different species of all sizes.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Add enough leaves to provide a 1” - 2” deep layer. Add more when they begin to break down and decompose. Spot clean and replace as needed (visual).

Size: 4 - 7" (40 count)

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