Vivarium Electronics VE-2 Rack

Vivarium Electronics VE-2 Rack

These are the new Vivarium Electronics VE-2 Racks. A real game changer in PVC racks! Finally you have the freedom you need to have truly interchangeable tubs in one rack. The VE-2 and VE-6 racks can use 3 of the VE108-8 Tubs (22.44" Deep x 4.92" Wide x 4.25" Tall) OR 2 of the VE108-11 Tubs (22.44" Deep x 7.36" Wide x 4.25" Tall) OR 1 of the VE-108-23 Tubs (22.44" Deep x 14.76" Wide x 4.25" Tall) PER SHELF. Yes, you can have 1-3 tubs per shelf! This small rack can be used to add to the height of the VE-6 system or is a great rack for those with just a couple of animals to keep.

Dimensions are approximately 23" Deep x 16.5" Wide x 11" Tall

Tubs are ordered separately, you can order the combination of VE 108 series tubs that are right for you!

The VE-2 Rack features: * Rounded front edges * 4" THG Belly heat through all shelves * VE 108 Series Tub versatility - 2 to 6 tub capability * Unique VE Stacking! Ultra easy and extremely secure stacking system * Deep tubs for the basking temp you want and still get a thermal gradient * VE Direct Airflow thermostat probe slot on all shelves

This rack can stack with:

Another VE-6 for a twelve shelf rack The VE-2 for an eight shelf Rack Another VE-6 AND VE-2 for a fourteen shelf rack - Some serious versatility!

These racks typically take 2 - 4 weeks on average to arrive after you place your order

As with all reptile racks using heat tape, you MUST use a thermostat (sold separately) to control your temps!


Size: 23" Deep x 16.5" Wide x 11" Tall

Vivarium Electronics VE-2 Rack