Goliath Worm Culture shipped w/ reptile

This is 1 Goliath Worm Cup (20+ worms) shipped WITH your live reptile order. We can fit only 2 of these cultures in the box with any new reptile. If you order this culture with NO reptiles, it will not be shipped

  • You CAN mix and match two feeder containers with a live reptile order. Meaning - you can get 100 crickets AND 1 Goliath Worm Culture. Or - you can get 50 waxworms and 1 Fruit Fly Culture. But it is a total of two per box.

  • Store at ROOM TEMPERATURE up to 80 degrees. Cooler temperatures make the worms grow much slower (55 - 65 degrees). Warmer temps make them grown very fast (75 - 82)

  • Ideal for Chameleons. Beardeds, Monitors & more!

Size: 1/2 - 1"

Species: Manduca sexta

Goliath Worm Culture shipped w/ reptile