Chameleon Cantina

The Chameleon Cantina is a spectacular habitat enclosure for animal and nature lovers who are looking for advanced functionality, ease of use and the flexibility to customize for specific applications. The Chameleon Cantina is a great place where chameleons can eat, drink and be cared for. 30" tall with ample interior space for chameleons, plants and decor. Clear flexible riser with magnetic screen door. Regulates proper humidity for tropical climate environments. Removable lower dome for controlled feedings. Removable tray liner for easy upkeep and for creating semi-aquatic habitats. Adjustable climbing bars and center bridge for creating interesting terrascapes. Cantina Drinking fountain fits right inside (sold separately). Reptile light screen accommodates double lamp fixtures for heat and UVB. Can be configured for hanging or standing applications (hanging kit sold separately)

Size: 30" tall

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