Zoo Med Euro Cage Unit With Front Locking Doors

This is the IDEAL cage for storing multiple reptiles or for retail store use! From the look, the safety features and the bright display, you can't beat this cage unit for the reptile section in your store! Here are some of the great features of this cage:

  • 9 cages per unit
  • Each cage is 21 x 17 x 24 inches, allowing for anything from bearded dragons to ball pythons!
  • Aluminum framework with black connectors
  • Washable veneer wood
  • Built-in lighting system that INCLUDES Zoo Med Repti Sun 5.0 Fluorescent UVB Bulbs AND Zoo Med Basking Bulbs!
  • Easy access to the lights and a storage area on the bottom
  • Heavy duty screen built into each unit
  • Includes free cage substrate and repti safe water conditioner
  • Ships extremely fast!
  • Front locking doors for easy access

Save space in your home or re-do your store display today!

This cage unit has a flat rate shipping of $200 via freight. Call for multiple unit discounts

Size: 90.5 inches x 51.25 inches x 24 inches

Located in our Zoo Med store.

Zoo Med Euro Cage Unit With Front Locking Doors