Suriname Red Tail Boa

Natural habitat

This terrestrial species inhabits the tropical rain forests of Surinam. Requires a large habitat for captivity. An 80 gallon or larger size enclosure is recommended.


Most will become tame with regular handling. Docile and friendly, easy to handle. Likes dark hiding places.

Captive environment

Use full spectrum lighting 12-14 hours per day. Provide a basking area with access to a cooler zone. Provide several climbing areas on branches, logs, & plants.


Day temperature should be gradient from 78 to 90 degrees F. Maintain night temperature range between 72-80 degrees F. Use reptile heating pads under tank for 24-hour heat.


This species requires moderate to high levels of humidity.

Water requirements

Provide a large fairly deep bowl for drinking and soaking.

Nutritional requirements

This species is a carnivore (meat eater). Feed appropriate sized rodents (mice, hamsters, rats). Pre-killed food is recommended for this species.

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