Carpet Python

  • Common Group: PYTHON SNAKES
  • Common Name: Carpet Python
  • Scientific Name: Morelia spilota ssp.
  • Distribution: New Guinea & Australia
  • Size: 6' - 12'

Natural habitat

Carpet pythons are medium to large sized, semi arboreal snakes with a bright, contrasting pattern that varies from subspecies to subspecies. They are found throughout New Guinea and Australia, with some living on the southern Indonesian islands (these are typically the "irian jaya" species). They are typically one of the largest predators in their area, and will feed on just about anything that they can catch. In the wild, these pythons are found to inhabit a wide range of habitats, from the jungles of Indonesia and Australia to the arid areas of inner Australia. While they will utilize trees and bushes where they are available, they are not totally dependent on them for hunting or perching; they will use ground cover and cross large distances across barren areas to find new foraging areas.


Most will become tame with regular handling. Some individuals may bite when threatened.

Captive environment

Provide enclosure with hiding places. Provide several climbing areas on branches, logs, & plants. Use reptile heating pads under tank for 24-hour heat.


Day temperature should be gradient from 78 to 90 degrees F. Maintain night temperature range between 72-80 degrees F.


This species requires moderate levels of humidity.

Water requirements

Provide a large fairly deep bowl for drinking and soaking.

Nutritional requirements

This species is a carnivore (meat eater). Feed appropriate sized rodents (mice, hamsters, rats). Also eats birds and small mammals when available.